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Roll-Off Containers

Roll Off ContainerDo you have a construction project? Are you planning to do a clean out or a room remodel? A roll-off is just what you need!

We offer 10, 12, 15, 20 and 30 yard roll-off sizes. During prime season (April through October) the rental period is generally a week. During non-prime season (November through March), reservation dates can be extended with prior notice.

Gift certificates are available for residential and roll-off services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the roll-offs?

Size Dimensions (WxLxH)
10YD 8x13x3.5
12YD 8x13x4.5
15YD 8x13x5.5
20YD 8x22x4.5
30YD 8x22x6

What can I put in it?

Household refuse, furniture, contractor debris

What can’t I put in it?

Freon items, asbestos, liquids of any kind, oil containers, anything flammable, hazardous or explosive, car batteries, propane tanks, 55 gal. drums, live ammunition, ashes from wood stove, Christmas trees, yard debris of any kind, electronic waste, tires, animal/human waste, fence wire (cow, horse or chicken)

What if I fill it and my project isn’t done?

You can call the business office to let them know you need the roll-off emptied & returned.

Where can I put it & what if it I need a large one but it’s too tall?

All of the roll-offs have a door at the end that swings open.  Please be aware we are NOT responsible for anyone’s driveway, low hanging wires, yard and septic.  Please consider these factors when choosing a size and location of placement.  We would prefer a hard surface.  If you have planks or need planks, please communicate that when making your reservation.  Please be aware placement is ultimately at the driver’s discretion.

What do I do with electronics, hazardous material or tires?

If you have any of this material, DO NOT place it in the roll-off.  When you make your reservation, you will have an opportunity to learn about different resources available for these materials.  

How does the billing work?

Non-customers are required to provide valid payment information and deposit at the time of reservation.  When you are done with the roll-off, it is weighed on a certified scale and the balance is billed to the payment method you identified.